If you happen to read this blog, then it means you already know what is a “Mixed Land Use Project”. Reading Gurgaon Real Estate trends. In my experience of international travel, I have felt most of the European countries have successfully created an ecosystem. Which is rather self-sustainable. Quite obviously, city life is not Island living. One can easily see that in European cities which functions in an ecosystem. Where we live, we work, we shop, we entertain within the same. District without having to travel beyond  the district limits. It is also positively impacting the carbon limits of those cities. 

The last few decades of frantic growth of economic activities in Indian. Cities were quite contrary to this organized development. All major metros cities in India are crippled with severe traffic issues, centralized growth, severe stress on state resources, poor city planning. Which collectively contribute to increased pollution. With affluence setting in the Indian economy coupled with international exposure of our citizens. The Indian consumers have started to expect similar business environments back home in India.Gurgaon Real Estate  the led to a burning desire for the center and state governments to engage international town. Planners to create decentralized smart cities which are comparatively eco-friendly, self sustainable and cities. Which can offer an ecosystem similar to their European counterparts.

Modern day developers are trying to catch up this trend and the spiral has finally started to move. The increase in customer Gurgaon Real Estate appetite for investment in a well planned  district is an immediate reflection of the rapidly changing consumer behaviour. To be specific, the five growth corridors of Gurgaon city limits is a true testimony of the same. The Indian city centers are rapidly changing, expanding and getting modernized comparable to international levels. The early  days of year 2000 suddenly felt Gurgaon is the next best alternate to severely resource strapped Delhi.

IMF World Economic Outlook detabase

Reading Gurgaon Real Estate Trends

In the early days when Municipal Corporation in Gurgaon didn’t exist, under Gurgaon Master Plan 2001, Sector-14 was primarily considered a location for independent houses and bungalows. Subsequently the biggest employment opportunity came along with the Maruti Plant in the Old Gurgaon Road. There was very little scope for health care, schools, colleges and other important social infrastructure. No wonder it gradually got overshadowed by MG Road, which was developed under Gurgaon Master Plan 2011. Which became the city centre for malls and shopping destination in the city. However, till now the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation wasn’t formed. Then came along Golf Course Road under the aegis of Gurgaon Master Plan 2021. With better road infrastructure and public amenities this location became an instant hit. Finally the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation was formed in 2008 and the state gradually started to intervene with public work development and other social responsibility.

The Positive Trend

Now with rapidly changing times and growing number of fortune 500 corporations knocking at the Indian shores, the Indian cities with better infrastructure and supportive business environment are likely to attract these corporations more that the less fortunate. For Gurgaon the timing couldn’t have been better. The city is rapidly growing in its size, getting decentralized with right mix of important social infrastructure, where safety, security and convenience are the key. 

The current global pandemic of Covid-19 has suddenly quickened up the whole process and expectations are way to higher than how it was planned year-on-year, decade-by-decade. Suddenly all the growth corridors of Gurgaon has started to experience tremendous infrastructure development initiative by the state and the real estate developers are trying hard to catch up with the trend and they know it well that if they lag behind in the race it will invariably be their extinction. In my opinion, the crucial five growth corridors are:

  1. Golf Course Road
  2. Golf Course Extension Road
  3.  Sohna
  4. New Gurgaon
  5. Dawarka Expressway

I will be keen to reply to your queries and share my reason to identify the above five geographic locations as the major growth corridors of Gurgaon.