NRI Investments in the Indian Real Estate market are one of the key components of its growth. Especially, from the time the Indian economy started to open up through the IT revolution. Most of the international investments are from the following markets:

– Australia & New Zealand
– Far East including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand
– Middle East including UAE and Kuwait
– Europe including UK, Germany and France
– North America and Canada

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Market Growth in Indian Real Estate
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The Indian Real Estate market rapidly growing inward dispatch is largely attributed to the growing market appeal within the Indian shores. As well as, stable government at the center, favorable policies, consistency in approach, growing opportunities for global Indians, and some of the key components.

Top Remittance Recipients in 2018

There are over 500 Fortune Global Corporations operating from Indian shores. Most of these corporations have their Head Office or Regional offices located in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon in particular. So, it is not surprising that there is a constant increase in inward dispatch in India over the years. Most of the MNCs in Gurgaon also gives greater opportunity for their Indian employees to travel overseas on temporary assignments. Now, the spiral impact is growing demand for projects with international standards and change in the nature of the real estate projects.

Migrant Remittance Inflows

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the sales numbers of mixed land use projects which offer safety, security, and convenience with minimum time spent on unnecessary travel. Most of the European cities are planned for spread growth with multiple city centers within the same city. Every district is self-sustained which offers minimum traveling coupled with convenient living.

The World's Top Remittance Recipients

 Since the beginning of the 1990s when India started to open up its economy, the country witnessed an inflow of international IT Solution providers, finance companies, manufacturing giants setting up their regional offices in the major metro cities. Even this trend has started to spread in many tier-II cities. There is a steady increase in the opportunities which are no longer an Eligibility for the metro cities alone.

Indian Real Estate market

Some of the larger corporations with a significant presence within Gurgaon are the following:

IT Solution

Nokia Corporation

Telecom Communication


Fashion & Apparel

Reebok International

Consumer Durable & Electronics

LG Electronics

Finance & Investments

Citi Bank
RBS International
American Express


KIA Motors
John Deere

Indian Real Estate market

Therefore, all the research reports shared here are a clear indication that the overseas Indians are increasing their share of investments back home. World Bank, Forbes, and several other reports clearly show that trend. The affluence among Indians has increased in the last decade. Also, a greater number of Indians joining the MNCs will have its share of positive impact on the Indian economy. To know more, you may call me at +919818837873 or write me an email: